Sunday, 11 June 2017

How to Sync Contacts with Facebook in Your Smartphone?

Facebook is one of the most common social networking apps you will find in almost every user’s Smartphone. Being connected with your friends, family, and world through a Facebook app on the go is quite fun. The rich features and user friendliness of Facebook are the reasons that users love to spend their time on FB. One of the coolest features of Facebook is syncing your Facebook contacts.

Syncing your Facebook contacts to your smartphone allows you to have your FB contacts right on your phone. When synced, you can easily see the profile picture and status of your FB contacts on the contact list of your phone. Moreover, when someone calls from your Facebook contact list, their profile picture gets displayed on your mobile screen. However, many Facebook app users are not able to sync their FB contacts in their phone and thus are unable to make the most of this cool future. Below we have mentioned several ways that can help you easily sync your Facebook contacts in your phone.

Ways to Sync Facebook Contacts in your Smartphone

For Android Phone Users

1.) Open the Facebook app on your Android smartphone and locate the three horizontal line option on the top right corner of your screen.

2.) Locate the Friend option and then Contacts and finally Get Started. A new screen will appear.

3.) Once you turn on the Mobile Contacts uploading, your contacts will start syncing automatically when you access your app.

4.) Another way to Sync your contacts with Facebook is to delete and re-install the app. This will prompt you for syncing contacts when you reinstall the FB app again.

For iPhone

1.)  Go to the Settings option on your iPhone and scroll down to tap Facebook.

2.) Now, enter your Facebook user ID and password and click on Sign in the tab.

3.) Switch on the option Contacts and Calendars and tap on Update All Contacts button to Sync iPhone Contacts with Facebook.

Even after following the above methods, if you are not able to Fix the Facebook contacts Sync issue Then connect Facebook support live chat , it is recommended to get assistance from an expert like us.

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