Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fix: Skype audio not working on Windows 10

When you upgraded your Windows OS with Windows 10; you are enjoying an amazing OS and experience with it. Windows 10 is the most advanced and user friendly OS from Microsoft Inc. Microsoft Inc. developed Windows 10 with numerous exciting features which you can explore once you install it.

Yet, there are some common issues while upgrading or using a latest version of Windows 10; Skype audio issue is one of the common one. The audio error with your Skype application while using Skype on Windows 10 is really annoying. When you have Windows’ most advanced version, but still struggling with Skype audio; you need to fix it.

We are discussing some really effective tricks to fix the audio error with your Skype on Windows; you can use them and get an instant solution.

Outdated Audio/sound driver – Need to update your audio/sound driver
·         From your computer, run Device Manager and go to Sound, video and game controllers  option
·         This will detect the driver; click on it and select YOUR DRIVER brand and version
·         And then double click on it and you will get Program properties and driver settings
·         Here, go to the Driver tab and click on the Update Driver option
·         This will fix the issue

Check the Microphone – Switch it ON
·         You need to go to Windows Settings by pressing Win+I and click on the Privacy tab
·         Here choose Microphone from its left panel and switch it ON
·         Now, you can define that which apps you want to use with your Microphone

Microphone Setting – Keep it optimum
·         Go to the taskbar and find the audio icon here
·         Now right-click on it and click on Recording devices
·         Here select microphone and double click to open its properties
·         Now you can adjust the levels and adjustments like Noise Cancellation, DC Offset Cancellation, Echo Cancellation and more for your Microphone
·         This also works, by disabling all the sound effects you can fix the error

Try restarting Windows Audio Service – Sometimes need to refresh audio settings
·         Simply, open the Run command and type here services.msc
·         You will find the entire list of Windows Services of your computer
·         After that select Windows Audio and then right-click on it; after that select Restart
·         That’s all

We have discussed all possible causes and their respective solutions to fix the audio issue with your Windows 10 and Skype application. You should make sure to restart your computer after any of the above solutions to get it effective. You can also call Skype technical expert toll-free number for any instant help.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

How to Sync Contacts with Facebook in Your Smartphone?

Facebook is one of the most common social networking apps you will find in almost every user’s Smartphone. Being connected with your friends, family, and world through a Facebook app on the go is quite fun. The rich features and user friendliness of Facebook are the reasons that users love to spend their time on FB. One of the coolest features of Facebook is syncing your Facebook contacts.

Syncing your Facebook contacts to your smartphone allows you to have your FB contacts right on your phone. When synced, you can easily see the profile picture and status of your FB contacts on the contact list of your phone. Moreover, when someone calls from your Facebook contact list, their profile picture gets displayed on your mobile screen. However, many Facebook app users are not able to sync their FB contacts in their phone and thus are unable to make the most of this cool future. Below we have mentioned several ways that can help you easily sync your Facebook contacts in your phone.

Ways to Sync Facebook Contacts in your Smartphone

For Android Phone Users

1.) Open the Facebook app on your Android smartphone and locate the three horizontal line option on the top right corner of your screen.

2.) Locate the Friend option and then Contacts and finally Get Started. A new screen will appear.

3.) Once you turn on the Mobile Contacts uploading, your contacts will start syncing automatically when you access your app.

4.) Another way to Sync your contacts with Facebook is to delete and re-install the app. This will prompt you for syncing contacts when you reinstall the FB app again.

For iPhone

1.)  Go to the Settings option on your iPhone and scroll down to tap Facebook.

2.) Now, enter your Facebook user ID and password and click on Sign in the tab.

3.) Switch on the option Contacts and Calendars and tap on Update All Contacts button to Sync iPhone Contacts with Facebook.

Even after following the above methods, if you are not able to Fix the Facebook contacts Sync issue Then connect Facebook support live chat , it is recommended to get assistance from an expert like us.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Solved: Windows 10 and Comcast Email Issues

Comcast is an American Telecommunication company provides cable TV services and Internet services. Subscribers of Comcast also get a complimentary email account called Comcast email. It is quite popular in the USA and some of the European countries.

Comcast email has only a web version and it is not mobile optimised as a result you will have to use it via another email client like Outlook, Thunderbird etc. You may also get issues with Comcast email if you would like to configure it Windows 10. Keep in mind the steps mentioned below when you aren’t able to send or receive email on Windows 10.

Email client not working: If you aren’t able to send or receive any email with any of the email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, etc. Try the steps mentioned below.

(i)    First of all, open your Comcast account and go to Email from Manage Services.

(ii)    Click on “My Email” you will be redirected to a webmail.

(iii)    Create a new email and send the same to your own Comcast email address. If you get the email which means there is nothing wrong with the Comcast email account.

(iv)    Verify the outgoing/incoming server settings in the email client. Make the changes if required then try sending mail again.

(v)    Check the port and SSL settings as well, it should be configured accordingly.

(vi)    By default, most of the email clients have an option to delete the messages from the server,
when you sync or download to your third party email client, Make sure you configure it to leave messages on the server.

(vii)    If your third party email client is not syncing a particular folder then go to the settings and find out the option as “Sync Folder” or “Mail Folders”

(viii)    Size and Storage: You are desperately trying to send emails but every time you are getting rejected or failure in the same. Make sure the size of the attachment is less than 20MB. Moreover, in a case of sending multiple emails, remember you can’t send a particular email to more than 100 recipients at a time. Doing so will give you an error every time. Comcast may terminate your account if are using it for sending numerous emails aggressively. Watch out the storage capacity, if it is nearly full delete unnecessary emails as soon as possible.

Dial Comcast toll free helpline number for any Comcast solution  or Comcast support team ,they will guide you the best.

You have tried everything mentioned above but still, the problem persists, No worries! Call our Comcast Email Experts as they are available 24*7 to help you out.