Monday, 10 April 2017

Solved Recovering Suspended Skype account

After a long weekend; I came back to work and tried signing-in to my Skype account. To my surprise this message welcomed me:
“Your account has been suspended for security reasons.”
I’m wondering, how this could happen. Seems someone tried to break my Skype account’s security or maybe someone wanted to get an unauthorized access of it.
There could be various reasons that your Skype account got suspended but now how to get it recover is more important question.

You might be thinking of losing your Skype account, contacts and conversation but this is not true. You still have possibilities to recover your account. We have a guide for you to understand recovery of your Skype account.

You need your account details with alternative email address and mobile number to get it recover. There are two possible cases that, either your account got temporarily suspended or restricted to use paid features.

 If your account has been suspended temporarily then you can get it recover using your account’s credential. You simply go to the sign-in page by clicking on this link Here provide the account name/email address/mobile number. This will direct you to account verification page. Now you will receive a verification code which you have to use here for recovery. Once you use the correct code, then you will get access of your account. After this, simply change your account password with a stronger one.

When you find that your account has been restricted or blocked for use then use this trick. Here you need to understand that either you might have used incorrect password for a certain numbers of time or someone else tried so. You can unblock your account by clicking on this account recovery page  and follow on-screen instructions. You will be asked to use your registered email or mobile number for recovery. Simply follow the on-screen instructions. You have been lucky that you can get back your suspended account once again. But if you still find any problem then you can call our Skype customer support experts on 1-800-969-1417 for more help. We are a dedicated third-party service provider for Skype customer services. You can get 24 X 7 help from our experts.

If there are still problem with Skype - easily solved suspend Skype account with connect Skype live chat support  team.

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